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    The final purpose of dosimetry service is the pursuit of safety for radiation worker.
    We has registered for the personal dosimetry service company at the government and are measuring personal radiation dose with TLD. we ensure high technique and trustworthy accuracy through doing a performance test of TL elements and developments of dose algorism and radiation management program. Furthermore today we offer dosimetry service to customers over the internet at open-market in order to serve better service.
    Deputy Manager : Lee, Sangmi
    1_ Personal Dosimetry with TLD (Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter)
    TLD is a device(shape of badge) which measures the dose of radiation exposure to human being by using a thermoluminescence material. Orbitech provides dosimetry service based on the related law in Korea, including occupational radiation monitoring and professional medical physics to measure and monitor radiation exposure.
    2_ Accreditations
    Orbitech is fully accredited with numerous organizations like KINS(Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety) and KFDA, providing the assurance that we meet worldwide requirements for technical competence, as well as adherence to and conformance with all standards for equipment and operating procedures. We also participate in the blind test from KINS every year.
    3_ Flexibility
    Orbitech dosimetry service provides flexible options for any program, allowing you to design a solution that best fits your organizational requirements. No matter what your unique dosimetry requirements may be, we have a badge for that. When necessary our technicians can handle Panasonic TL system and Landauer OSL system for radiation monitoring service.