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  • ICP-MS
    Equipment name : ICP-MS(Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer)
    maker : Varian
    model : 820-MS
    Specifications Applications
    - RF generator : 27.12 MHz
    - RF power : 600-1600W
    - Mass analyzer : Quadruploe
    - Detection limit : ppt-sub ppb level
    - Nuclear power plant facility: Radioactive Nuclide Analysis (Isotope Analysis)
    - Environment: Analysis of small amount of inorganic elements contained in drinking water, rain water, river water, sea water, sedimentary water and waste water
    - Medical: Heavy metal analysis contained in hairs and bloods
    - Petrochemical: Component analysis of heavy metal and naphtha
    - Semiconductor: Checking impurities of solvent and analysis of wafer surface
    - Geology: Analysis of small amount of rare earth minerals
    Equipment name : LSC (Liquid Scintillation Counter)
    maker : Wallac
    model :Wallac 1414 Winspectral
    Specifications Applications
    - Beta backgrounds: typically 0.4 - 1.2 CPM for H-3
    - 0.5 Bq/L H-3 (5 TU) in 500 min direct counting
    - Bioengineering area using radioactive tracer
    - Monitoring of liquid leak out of nuclear power plant facility
    - Radiation treatment area (H-3, C-14, etc)
    - Analysis of environmental radioactivity
    - Sr-90 and Cs-137 analysis among fall-outs of radioactive substances
    - Measurement of carbon(C-14) dating
    - Research area of biosynthesis (C-14, P-32, P-33)
    Equipment name : HPGe Gamma Spectroscopy System
    maker : ORTEC GEM-60195-P
    model : GMX 25190-P
    Specifications Applications
    - Gamma Radiation Emitter & Environment radioactivity analysis - Analysis of radioactive waste in nuclear power plant facility
    - Measurement and analysis of environmental radioactivity
    - Fall out analysis of radioactive substances
    - Analysis of gamma nuclide of Cs and Co, etc.
    - Analysis of uranium nuclide
    TL Reader
    Equipment name : TL Reader
    maker : Panasonic
    model : UD-716
    Specifications Applications
    - Gamma, Beta, X-ray, Neutron Exposure Dose Measurement
    - Measurement Range : 1mR~1,000R
    - Measurement of exposure dosimeter for workers in radiation facility
    - Measurement of exposure dosimeter for workers in medical X-ray facility
    - Measurement of surrounding environmental radioactivity in nuclear power plant facility
    - Analysis of environmental radioactivity
    Low Background α-β Counter
    Equipment name : Low Background α-β Counting
    maker : Tennelec
    model : LB-5100
    Specifications Applications
    - Detector : 2.25" diameter gas-flow sample detector
    - Detector window thick : 80μg/㎠
    - Leak inspection on α, βsources and equipments
    - Measurement and surveillance on environmental radioactivity
    - Measurement and surveillance on surface contamination of nuclear power plant facilities
    Portable Radiation Detector

    Equipment : α-β Surface Contamination Detector
    maker : Berthold
    model :LB-124 Scint

    Equipment name : α-β Surface Contamination Detector
    maker : Ludlum
    model : 43-93 with 2360 Scaler

    Equipment name : α-β Surface Contamination Detector
    maker : ROTEM
    : RAMGENE-1

    Equipment name : Floor Monitor
    maker : Ludlum
    model : 239-1F