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    PSI, ISI
    - PSI : Pre-Service Inspection
    Before the commercial operation at the completion of construction of Nuclear Power Plant, Pre-Service Inspection are performed to assess the structural integrity of components and structures using Nondestructive Examination in accordance with the applicable Codes and Standards, and to obtain the basic data for comparing and analysing with the data being generated from In-Service Inspection performed during operation.
    - ISI : In-Service Inspection
    In-Service Inspections are performed to assess the structural integrity of components and structures using the same Nondestructive Examination Methods as ones applied at Pre-Service Inspection for securing the safety and reliability of NPP during every overhaul period of NPP after the initiation of commercial operation.
    Services relating ISI
    1. In-Service Inspection Service for Steam Generator Tubes
    2. ISI Service for Pipes, Components and Structures
    3. ISI Service for Reactor Vessel
    4. Visual Inspection Service for the Penetration Pipe of upper and lower Reactor Head.
    5. Eddy current examination Service for the control rods of Westing House Type NPP.
    6. Eddy current examination Service for the Condenser tubes.
    NonDestructive Testing
    The company has been providing NDT service since 1991, having constant development of technology and personnel. From stable customers such as Government Invested Company(Korea Gas Service, Korea Electricity and Power Company, Korea District Heating Corporation etc.) and Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., we render NDT service for Gas pipe, Oil Pipe, Power Plants, Ships, Bridges, Buildings, Vessel and Tanks.
    NDT technology was introduced to Korea in early 1960's and settled down, because of increase of construction of oil chemistry plants, power plants, development of heavy chemical industry andincrease of demand for NDT.

    We are expecting service experience will be prospering especially for the development of national defense industry and nuclear energy industry which needs high level of reliability and safety.

    A nondestructive test has been mainly used for the quality management of products, and its main application areas are ship, bridge, gas pipe, oil pipeline, pressured container, power plant, and cultural asset. The nondestructive test has a purpose not only to find the defects in materials and welding joints of the above products and to procure the reliability of products, but also to improve and enhance the manufacturing technology to reduce the cost. Also, through periodic inspection, the test has been used to enhance the reliability of products by preventing the risk due to destruction in advance and eliminating the damage

    Main Experience Record
    2015. 07 ISI 3rd Party Analysis onSG ECT of SinKori unit 1
    2014. 10 ISI Service on SG ECT of Kori unit 1,2
    2012. 04 PSI Service on SG ECT of ShinGori unit 3
    2011. 04 ISI Service on SG ECT of Younggwang unit 3,4
    2011. 01 ISI Service on SG ECT of Ulchin unit 3,4
    2010. 01 SG ECT for younggwang unit 3,4
    2009. 08 ISI Service on SG ECT of Wolsong Unit 1,2
    2009. 04 Analysis Service for Bruce Unit 8 in U.S.A
    2008. 10 ISI Service on SG ECT of Younggwang Unit 6
    2008. 09 Technical Manpower Support on SG ECT for Younggwang Unit 2.
    2008. 04 Analysis Service for Beaver Valley Unit 2 and Bruce Unit 5 in U.S.A