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    The company has been performing technical service in chemical and environmental engineering & design field since incorporation of 1997. And based on these research experience, the company has been granted as high technological company with many awards such as 'Venture Enterprise, INNO-BIZ Enterprise Accreditation' etc. Currently, Annex Research Institute is composed of Process Development team and General Analysis team; does its best to develop 'Blue Ocean Technology'
    2015. 07 Moved office(#809 Gasan digital Empire building, Gasan-dong)
    2010. 09 Moved office(#806 Gasan digital Empire building, Gasan-dong)
    2008. 08 KOLAS(Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) Accreditation
    2008. 06 Registered Waste Analysis Agent
    2008. 03 NET Accreditation('Continuous Crystallization Separation Process Using Couette-Taylor Flow'
    2007. 11 (Small and Medium Business Administration) A large amount manufacture process development of astragalin on uncommon physiology activity material
    2007. 07 National Project-'Finding Salt Form of Insoluble Drug and Crystallization Process Development'
    2007. 05 Moved office(#807 Samsung IT Valley Guro-Dong)
    2006. 11 Excellent Thesis Awards-'Research of Disposal Efficiency of Liquid Radioactive Waste with Membrane'
    2006. 08 Moved office(#1110 Ace Techno 8th Tower Guro-Dong)
    2006. 08 National Project- 'Development of High-Efficient Continuous System Drowning-out Crystallization Separation Process'
    2006. 03 National Project- 'Development of Portable Membrane Process System for reduction of Radioactive waste in Nuclear Power Plant'
    2005. 12 Citation-Prime Minister
    2003. 03 Moved office(#806 Woolim 1st e-bIZ Center Guro-Dong)
    2003. 12 Korea Patent Technology Fair(Bronze Awards)
    2000. 12 Korea Patent Technology Fair(Silver Awards)
    2000. 11 Korea Technology Awards
    1997. 04 Incorporation of Annex Research Institute